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If you are conducting a search with the hope of finding the top Janesville Concrete Contractor we can confidently tell you that you have found them! Most people would agree that when you are hiring a contractor of any kind what you want is to hire a company that is going to be able to handle the entire project. With us, if you have any type of concrete structure that you want to build or repair we can help you fix things up.

At Janesville Concrete Pros we want to be your go-to call for all concrete needs and we believe there are a couple of reasons why putting us in that regard can be a great idea.

About Us

We have been working in this community for quite some time now and that has allowed us to develop quite a tight bond with a lot of recurring clients that we have. The main reason why we have able to create this bond in our eyes is pretty simple. We are honest about our work and what you can expect from it and that allows us to deliver on our promises. Which, is actually something that is pretty uncommon in the industry!


Our Services

Are you looking to have a patio or a driveway built or repaired? Do you want to use stamped concrete to give your property a unique look? If you are thinking that your answers to both of those questions are yes then you are again, definitely in the right spot. We can actually take things a couple of steps further by offering our foundation repair services. Obviously, we specialize in poured concrete foundations, but we are able to help dig up virtually any type of foundation that you may have.

Construction workers leveling concrete pavement. . In the park in nature
pouring concrete with worker mix cement at construction site
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Foundation Repair

It basically goes without saying that a home with a faulty foundation may not be home for much longer. We can help you repair all sorts of foundations. Thanks to our knowledge of them and the equipment that we have which allows us to dig as deep as we would need to in order to take a close look at the problem. For the most part, we are going to work on poured concrete foundations for obvious reasons. As we have said though that does not mean that we are not going to be able to take care of more issues.

Concrete Driveways

Without a doubt, driveways are one of the most common things that we take care of. For a lot of  people, we know that we don’t necessarily have to sell you on concrete driveways. We are still going to list a couple of the benefits that you can get from them though. Concrete driveways happen to be the most durable type of driveways out there. They provide the smoothest ride for your vehicles and you are not going to have to worry about repairing them every year. Did we miss anything to try and convince you to get one of these driveways?

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Construction worker Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building in construction site and Civil Engineer or Construction engineer inspec work

Concrete Removal

A lot of concrete companies will go on and on about how they will be able to install different types of things on your property. What happens though when you already have something in place and you want to have it removed to be able to install something else? We would say that undoubtedly things are going to get a bit more difficult. If you are looking to remove concrete from different areas you can give us a call and we will use different types of techniques to make sure that we are able to clear the area correctly.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete can be molded into different shapes and it can be fitted with different types of designs to give your flooring a completely unique look. Stamped concrete is a great option to decorate all sorts of areas. Most people will want this type of concrete to be included in their driveways and patios. There is really no rule as to where you can or you can’t include this type of concrete.

Construction workers working hard leveling concrete pavement outdoors.
Construction worker troweling wet concrete on a sidewalk project
builders pour concrete in the shop at the factory

Concrete Patios

As with many other concrete structures concrete patios also fit the bill as being the most durable option that you are going to find on the market. Plus, if done correctly they can provide a surface that is going to allow you to host all sorts of events or just chill outdoors. We know that a lot of people have this idea that concrete is gray dull and boring. This is not something that has to define your surface.

Commercial Concrete

If you are looking to build a large parking lot or need to design a large scale project we would be more than happy to work with you. We have the manpower and the experience to be able to handle all sorts of projects concerning commercial concrete. If you are looking for a company to spearhead your project you won’t need to look any further. We have got you covered all the way through.

I had a major issue with my foundation and Janesville Concrete Pros were to able to literally save my home. I am forever grateful and I think it goes without saying that I highly recommend them! " – Dustin E.

“Just getting a new concrete driveway was totally a blessing for me. I used to have an asphalt one and I had to repair it very often. This is not the case anymore and I have Janesville Concrete Pros to thank for that!” – Carrie P.

“I really liked the stamped concrete work that Janesville Concrete Pros did for me I highly recommend them! ” – Pete I.

Contact Us Today

Most of the services that we provide involve handling different size projects. To be honest these are things that we are not just going to be able to come in and start with. There is a whole planning process involved with these projects. So if you want us to help you with any type of project we suggest that you give us a call or contact us so that we can start talking about the project that you have in mind.