Concrete Driveways

Construction worker troweling wet concrete on a sidewalk project

If you ask us we will definitely say that having a concrete driveway is the best type of driveway that you could have hands down. Of course, you read the name of our company and you realize that we are probably obligated to say that right? Well, we actually want to go through some of the pros and cons of having this type of driveway installed. That way you can have a clear idea of what you could expect if you decide to have us install a concrete driveway for you.

Low Maintenance

If you have ever dealt with an asphalt road or driveway you know that they are pretty good, but a lot of potholes can form (especially if you are having heavy vehicles riding on the area constantly). Even if the road is not getting a lot of constant traffic, this type of terrain is more likely to crack and have more issues. Concrete is much more compact so it is harder for it to develop cracks and create future damage. You really could leave the driveway exactly the same for 10 years and you won’t have a problem with it at all. Which means, you won’t keep injecting money on the surface.

Smooth Sailing

It is our belief that if you are going to ride on a specific rode every single day you are going to prefer that, that road be smooth and soft on your car. Pretty much the only road, besides the street that you happen to live in, that you are going to ride on every day is going to be your driveway. There is really not much that you can do about that, but make sure that it is smooth. We want to help ensure that you have a proper drop onto the street so it is not like you have to climb on the sidewalk to get to your garage. We really put a lot of emphasis on make sure the driveway is “driveable”.

The Price Dilemma

If you are in the market for a new driveway chances are you have already come across different types of options that are out there. So, if this has already happened to you, you have most likely found that concrete driveways are said to be the most expensive driveways out there. Since these driveways are a lot more durable you are going to be paying more upfront, but you are going to be saving a lot more on the back end. This is going to include the money and the hassle.

Custom Driveways 

Concrete can be made to look in many different ways. If you go with a concrete company such ourselves to lead your driveway project chances are we are going to be able to offer a wider variety of design options for your driveway. You know besides the dark grey and plain option! We can also stamp your concrete for a unique design.