Concrete Removal

Janesville Concrete Pros - Concrete Removal 2

If you have a patio or even driveway that you just don’t like and you feel the need to start over we can help out. As you probably know concrete is one of the more durable components that are being used these days to make floors, foundations, and other structures. Janesville Concrete Pros can even stamp your concrete for a unique design. To have concrete removed you are going to need some heavy-duty firepower. Now, blowing things up in controlled demolition work is not the only thing that you are going to be able to rely on to make sure that we are able to get all of the concrete removed.

I Need Concrete Removed Quickly

There are plenty of folks that will give us a call and want us to have a service done within a few hours. A lot of times we are able to get it done. When it comes to heavy-duty jobs such as this we are going to ask for a little bit of patience if that is ok. The reason that we say that is because most of the times we are going to need to bring in heavy machinery to get the job done. Just striking the concrete with a pickaxe like in the old days is not going to really cut it!

Demo Work

This is something that we have talked about beforehand and we just wanted to be able to expand on it. If we decide to go with this option there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. All of these are going to be controlled demolitions or explosions. So they are not going to be blowing up major holes in the ground. Our certified concrete contractors will be able to provide these particular services. Everything is going to be done with extreme care and safety so that we don’t run into any surprises.

Taking Advantage Of The Opportunity 

Some of the more common issues that we see people have with concrete structures come from bad prep work to lay out the concrete in the first place. So if you are wanting to get rid of your concrete structure because your idea is that you want to start over we can help. We have to say also that, it is a great idea. We can pretty much get rid of all the concrete and start over prepping the original terrain. So that whatever you decide to lay on the terrain whether it be concrete or not will be put on a flat surface.

It Can Be Part Of The Deal

What we can do is provide a packaged deal that will basically reduce the cost of our concrete removal service if we are going to set up new concrete flooring for you. We want to take care of you what can we say! Give us a call for a free, no obligation quote.