Foundation Repair

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Foundation issues are no joke. There are minor things that could happen within your home that you can allow for them to develop and then just fix them quickly later on. We really believe that foundation issues are something that you need to tackle early before you are facing a major problem. The thing is we have seen people who really don’t know how to spot these problems or who to call to get them fixed. We want to help you with that letting you know some of the signs that you really should think twice before dismissing. Then, making sure that we give you the right solutions.

Those Cracks Are Not Normal

A lot of times when we see cracks in walls we are probably thinking that it is time to repaint. That actually may not be the solution to the problem at all. If you start seeing cracks in your floors and your walls they are probably signs of some type of issue. As we have said before the best thing that you can do is go ahead and get the issue taken care of or at least looked at. That way you can know for sure what you may be dealing with!

Should I Get My Foundation Checked?

Just because you think your foundation is is good shape, doesn't mean it actually is. Now we are not saying that you should just panic and have our contractors come in and have a look every few months. For the most part in newer homes, if you have an inspection once every year or every six months, you should be fine. However, if your home is 20 years or older, and you want to be extra careful you can give us a call once a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Keep An Eye On Your Floors

One of the easiest alarms that you could spot is seeing your floors starting to cave or sink. This is something that we usually only see when there is already some type of problem that needs to be dealt with. As we have said though it could be a case of other signs not showing up or just being overlooked by homeowners. If you happen to see though that your floors are looking like they are going downward you really need to make that call.

What if I don't Know What Kind of Foundation I Have? 

Believe it or not, this is an issue that a lot of homeowners go through. This is something that at some point someone had to tell you when you bought or built the house. Yet, we understand that not everyone is so on top of the things that are included in a home and we are not going to judge anyone on that. As we have said poured concrete foundations are our specialty. For pretty much obvious reasons. That being said we can take a look at any type of foundation if need be!